Think Pink: Coffee and Women’s Health

With women’s health in the spotlight—as part of Breast Cancer Awareness—we’re turning our attention to the countless boosts to women’s health from our premium coffee blends. Just a few cups a day can help you lose weight, increase your focus and energy, strengthen your heart, and reduce your risk of stroke, certain cancers, and Parkinson’s disease.

Lose Weight

It’s no secret that caffeine can help you burn fat, but if your cup is filled with empty calories, extra fats and sugars—not to mention artificial calories and flavors your body can’t even recognize—you might reconsider. Full of bold flavors and subtle notes, you’ll neither find (nor need) heavy creams and sugars to get through a cup of our blends. Not only that, knowing weight loss is often the goal, we’ve upped the natural caffeine content (don’t worry it’s still well within safe limits), added naturally fruit derived appetite suppressants as well as sugar-balancing and crave-curbing botanicals. Just drink and drop, what could be simpler?

Increase Your Focus & Energy

Energy boosts (by way of caffeine) are easy—but sustained energy, without the sharp spikes and crashes are much harder to come by. This is precisely why we’ve paired our signature South American blend with green tea to prolong (or sustain) the energy. And since energy isn’t the only boost coffee drinkers are looking for—we know you need the added clear thoughts and focus—we’ve added centuries old ayurvedic herbs. This same botanical duo also helps lessen stress and balance mood.

Protect Your Heart

With cardiovascular disease as the leading killer of women (1 in every 5 women), we rejoiced with other coffee drinkers when the American Heart Association reported earlier this year that the more coffee people drank, the lower the risk of heart failure by 5-12% per cup per day.

Reduce Your Risk

With breast cancer awareness front and center this month, it hard not to get excited about the health boosting, cancer protecting qualities of drinking coffee. In fact, according to published studies, drinking three or more cups of coffee a day was associated with a 25% lower risk of dying from breast cancer compared to non-coffee drinkers.

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