Discover the Science behind ActiveBlendz Control

ActiveBlendz ControlTM was designed to be a convenient and great-tasting supplemental beverage for use as part of a healthy weight management program. Control includes two powerful herbal ingredients to help reduce appetite and minimize the food cravings many dieters experience while trying to reduce weight.

These ingredients are Garcinia cambogia and Gymnema sylvestre. In addition to the reduction in appetite and cravings, these herbs also help stimulate weight loss itself through definable mechanisms that work well in beverage form.

It is formulated in a base of two additional fruits, pomegranates and Concord grapes, which provide additional benefits through their antioxidative actions. These benefits not only assist in weight management but also provide cellular defense from oxidative stress caused by obesity itself, possibly alleviating some of the secondary effects of this detrimental condition.

Formulation includes four key herbal ingredients for use as part of a comprehensive weight management program:

Garcinia cambogia

  • Provides naturally occurring hydroxycitric acid (HCA)
  • HCA plays a role in inhibiting the conversion of carbohydrates to fat in the body
  • HCA contributes to an increase in available energy for calorie burning
  • HCA increases serotonin levels, assisting in the reduction of emotional overeating and craving reduction

Gymnema sylvestre

  • Assists in suppressing appetite and sweet cravings
  • Assists in blood sugar regulation by reducing glucose absorption

Pomegranate Fruit

  • Assists in regulating pathways that affect metabolic syndrome
  • Acts as an antioxidant to reduce stress and inflammation resulting from obesity
  • Protects and enhances nitric oxide

Concord Grape Juice

  • Strong antioxidant that protects body systems from secondary ramifications of the metabolic syndrome
  • Alters gut microbiota to protect from diet-induced obesity and metabolic disease

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  • I always take Control with me to the restaurant and add it to the water I’m served. It cuts my appetite and saves money on ordering a restaurant beverage.

    Mary Evans

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