Coffee and Camping

They kind of go hand in hand, right? You can picture the old-time western movies of cowboys or settlers traveling across the plains in their horse-drawn covered wagons. The sun rising above the horizon, their metal pot on the open fire, boiling the water they foraged from a distant stream – all so they could drink a nice hot cup o’ joe.

For as long as people have been exploring the great outdoors, there's been coffee.

It’s no different today. Except the cowboys and settlers have been replaced by regular people and families travelling the country in their campers and recreational vehicles (RV).

You read that right! Over the last couple months RV sales and rentals are on the rise and have been spiking since and during the pandemic.

One Florida company states, “I probably field 15, 20 calls a day of people saying ‘we’ve never had an RV, but we want one and we’re really eager,’”

According to RVshare, a countrywide rental company for these vehicles, since the country’s phased reopening, they’ve seen “a quadrupling of bookings in Texas, a tripling in Georgia, and doubling in all the other markets that were reopening.”

And, the RV Industry Association, RV camping rates the highest in consumer confidence as a travel option, with 20 percent of U.S. respondents more interested in RVs now after COVID-19.

And if camping is your thing (or maybe you like ‘glamping’ – the less rugged version), you’re going to need coffee – and there’s nothing more convenient, healthy or ‘portable’ than Javita’s coffee (and beverages).

Coffee, tea, fruit-flavors; weight loss, immune, blood-sugar control – simply add to (hot or cold) water, mix in your favorite bottle or mug, while you’re exploring the coasts, countryside or National Parks, there’s definitely something for everyone and everyone’s health.

Makes you wonder how different those movies would look if those cowboys and settlers had Javita’s healthy beverages in their covered wagons!

It may just be the PERFECT thing for you to hit the open road.


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