Bacopa Monnieri, An Ayurvedic Treasure

Ayurveda is an ancient science, dealing with understanding and screening the medicinal property of naturally available plant products and their role in treatment of various diseases. According to Ayurveda, the human body is  influenced by three energies or doshas -- “Vata”, “Pitta”, and “Kapha” -- and the belief that an imbalance between these components could lead to generation of diseases.

The predominance of “Vata” generates neurological disorders, symptomized as memory loss, poor blood circulation, anxiety, etc.; the “Pitta” imbalance leads to gastric troubles; and imbalanced “Kapha” correlates to cholesterol related diseases in body. Thus, Ayurveda implies the medicines and formulations of herbal origin to balance dosha aiming to minimize the onset of these illnesses.

Imbalanced “Vata” results in neurodegenerative diseases, hence many practitioners prescribe herbal formulations to patients to target the stabilization of the “Vata” component of body. Brahmi (like, Bacopa monnieri), are herbs of Ayurveda, which are regularly administered for rehabilitating the neurological problem. Ayurveda has been remarkably recognized over the past few years by modern science as various extracts of these medicines have shown neuroprotective potency against various neurological disorders.

Cognition is the ability of individual to acquire knowledge, logical thinking and analyzing the facts which include judgment, language and problem solving. Neurodegenerative conditions lead to declination of learning and memorizing ability. Brahmi is a designated memory 'booster' herb, hence it is regularly administered for various neurological disabilities.

Recent studies proved Brahmi as a nootropic drug, meaning it may restore the cognitive and learning efficiency of brain. Oral administration of Brahmi extract showed improved cognitive behavior. Moreover, the Brahmi treatment showed a reversed amnesia and natural aging in mice.

The N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (also known as the NMDA receptor) is a glutamate receptor found in nerve cells. These receptors are important for neural communication, memory formation, learning, and regulation. Conditions such as epilepsy lead to deregulation of NMDA receptors. Brahmi treatment brings back the NMDA receptors near to control level. Apart from animal models, clinical trials also carried out using standardized Brahmi extract. The reported results suggest that Brahmi has mild effect in improving the cognitive behaviors of humans.

For more scientific evidence of the brain-boosting potential of bacopa monnieri, see some of the stories below:

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