12 Reasons to Drink (Javita) Coffee

Coffee is one of nature's top superfoods, and Javita captures all its goodness while infusing other antioxidant-rich botanicals for an added boost - nutrients to help support weight loss, mental focus and immune function

Plus it's super-convenient - delivered in single-serve sticks you can take anywhere life takes you.

In short ... Javita is the the world's most perfect coffee.


  1. Coffee is a Top Superfood: And Javita's proprietary coffee blend contains numerous compounds that fight free radicals and slow oxidative stress. These compounds include methylpyridinium, chlorogenic acid and other flavanols.
  2. Delivers Delicious, Exotic Flavor: Javita’s unique blend of premium South American coffee beans delivers a robust rich flavor that rivals the most expensive gourmet blends.
  3. Preserves Coffee’s Natural Goodness: Javita uses a comprehensive extraction process to preserve all the natural goodness of its coffee blend.
  4. It’s Super-Ultra Convenient: Packaged in convenient, single-serving stick packs, Javita is perfect for every type of lifestyle.
  5. Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: More than 15 published studies have established a link between coffee and healthier blood sugar levels. One reason is coffee’s chlorogenic acid content, which is known to slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Coffee also contains minerals such as magnesium and chromium that help the body use the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar (glucose).
  6. Protects Brain Health: The findings from several studies consistently show that higher consumption of coffee is associated with enhanced protections of brain function.
  7. Promotes Cardiovascular Health: Coffee appears to reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions, according to a large study from Harvard scientists. In addition, gotu kola, green tea and bacopa also support the health of the heart and blood vessels.
  8. Maintains Breast Health: Emerging research, including a 2011 study from Swedish researchers, indicates that coffee can protect breast health.
  9. Protects the Prostate: Scientists from Harvard, Sweden and Singapore (as well as other studies) recently found that coffee offers a protective effect for prostate health.
  10. Improves Cognitive Function: Some research suggests coffee may improve memory. Another study by British researchers found that coffee drinkers performed better in tests of reaction time, verbal memory and reasoning.
  11. Supports Liver Function: Coffee appears capable of protecting the liver and improving hepatic function.
  12. Promotes Weight Loss: Some findings indicate that coffee may help promote healthy weight loss by suppressing appetite, stimulating metabolism, and acting as a mild diuretic. In addition, garcinia cambogia is also studied as an appetite suppressant and yerba mate has shown in studies to boost metabolism.


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