We ARE the Evolution of Coffee

There’s a lot to be said about a beverage that you can have hot or cold; tall or short; with cream & sugar or black. There are espressos, drips, lattes, doubles, triples, with (or without) foam, and on and on.

Millions of people drink coffee in the mornings to start their day and many keep drinking it all day long in business meetings or socializing with friends. It’s so widely consumed that more than half the population drinks it – and they do so at more than three cups a day. A beverage so popular, the only commodity traded more in the financial world is oil.

We have a unique plan to distinguish our coffee from all other coffees. We are creating a unique line of great-tasting, instant, gourmet coffees by infusing healthy herbs and other natural ingredients into estate-grown South American blends. Every great tasting cup will not only give you what you already expect from coffee, but also provide the benefits from the natural herbs.

And, with Javita’s monthly subscription program - the Dollar Coffee Club - you can get these gourmet coffees and teas delivered to your door, FREE, every month!