Treating Osteoarthritis: Weighing the Options

Currently, there are more than 21 million people in the US suffering from osteoarthritis. In fact, the condition is so prevalent, it accounts for more than 25% of visits to primary care physicians.

During many of these doctor visits, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDS) were prescribed. In fact, more than 60 million Americans rely on NSAIDS to provide pain relief. The problem is, long-term use of NSAIDS has been associated with enhanced risk for miscarriage, GI bleeding, hypertension, congestive heart failure, blindness and renal insufficiency.

With 60 million Americans reaching for NSAIDs to provide pain relief for arthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint-related conditions we clearly have a problem. Not only that, given the litany of potential side effects associated with long term use, there is a clearly a need for safe alternatives to prescription meds.

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