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A Tale of Two Burns

The historical novel written in 1859 by Charles Dickens titled, A Tale of Two Cities, begins with the famous line: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Many are looking at the events going on in the world today in much the same way – the best and worst of times. There is no precedent for what we are experiencing, and people all over the world are coping in many different ways.

Many of the stories and images we are exposed to are how people are taking care of themselves and their health in the ‘confined’ ways we are now living: apartment building calisthenics, Skype workouts; even balcony-marathon runs!

Our health is important – especially now - and if your resolution to lose weight seems like ages ago, maybe its time to revisit the ones you may have made about your health.

Some of the questions we often get here are what are the differences between our two fat-burning products (A Tale of Two Burns, see what we did there?) and how do they work to help your weight loss: 

If our body naturally burns fat, why do we need a product like Burn?

Through the natural process of aging, our metabolism slows down, causing a downshift in our ability to burn fats. This can be reversed through proper supplementation, bringing our fat burning levels back up to levels we saw in our younger years.

How does Burn differ from the Burn + Control coffee? Is it intended to replace Burn + Control?

Burn differs from Burn + Control by incorporating two new blends of herbs that work through different metabolic pathways to increase our fat burning potential. Because of this, it can either be taken on its own or in combination with Burn + Control to provide a synergistic effect.

Let’s talk about the two blends. How does the fat-burning complex work? What herbs are featured?

The Fat Burning Complex in Burn combines extracts from green coffee bean and green tea to produce a complex of EGCG with a caffeine-derived metabolic stimulator. This helps to improve your body’s fat-burning effort AND extend it.

How about the appetite suppressant complex? Tell us more about the duo featured and why you paired these two botanicals. 

The Appetite Suppressant Complex in Burn, combines the nutrients—garcinia cambogia, and Vitamin D3 and forskolli to reduce your cravings and suppress your appetite.


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